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The Dancer's Advantage
Celebrating 12 years!
We are open.
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Our Spring Recital is June 7th, 2014

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What our parents say about us?

About us - Why we do what we do?

The Dancer's Advantage

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Why recreational dancers love our classes?

The Dancer's Advantage Why aspiring pre-professional dancers want to take class here?

Professional and Artistic approach.
Parent Friendly Environment.
Strong focus on Wellness
Limited class size.
Professional Training of Multi-Disciplinary Dancers,
Teaching commitment, Our teachers have been or are currently Professional Dancers.
Guest Instructors are Principal Dancers of Large Professional Companies.
Self growth, Physical Health and focus.

The Dancer's Advantage is designed to present a professional and artistic approach to training dancers.  
Our goal is to provide the best possible dance instruction available for all levels with an emphasis on wellness for
all our students.   
Our greatest reward is in watching our dancers prepare for a career in dance and in helping them feel more
confident about themselves as healthy dancers and people.

Regardless of a dancer's ability, level, our programs for beginners and for those who just want to enjoy healthy
recreation, are as important to us as our advanced pre-professional programs.

Interested students and parents are welcome to visit the school and observe classes. We offer individual goal
counseling that can be arranged by appointment with the director, Brian Bender.

The Dancer's Advantage

Brian Bender
Owner - Instructor

The Dancer's Advantage Welcome to our 2014 Session!
Our schedule is an open program.
Dancers may join at anytime.

Come join us !      Have Fun !!

The Dancer's Advantage

The Dancer's Advantage Join Classes Now at our Park Hill Studio

The Dancer's Advantage
The Dancer's Advantage